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Mulhouse NovaTris 25/11/15

head teacher

This session is part of a workshop about intercomprehension held in Mulhouse (France) on November 25th 2015 during the Journées NovaTris 2015 / NovaTris Tage 2015. The present Miriadi team would like to thank Florence Duchêne-Lacroix, the Director of NovaTris, for inviting us to demonstrate the types of activities which can be implemented in intercomprehension sessions on this platform, and Marie-Astrid Bénard for her efficient and kind support.

In this first session in Germanic languages on, interactions are carried out in languages such as Alsatian, English, German, Swedish and Swiss German (Schwitzerdütsch).
According to the rule in the miriadi intercomprehension sessions, each participant writes in their language, making efforts to be understood, and tries to understand what the others have written in foreign languages in order to have plurilingual interactions together.
The session is due to last only around 2 hours, each phase being designed to make you discover some of the tools available on this site. However, we hope you will have time enough to experiment these tools, and we are certain that you will know how to combine them in the most suitable manner if you wish to co-organise yourself intercomprehension sessions in the future.

In phase n°1, we shall introduce ourselves and have a look at other participants' profiles.
In phase n°2, we will use forums to talk about travel and films (as films also prompt mental traveling) : personal experiences, preferences, projects, wie auch immer ! 
Phase n°3 should be very short : we'll vote via a multiple choice poll for a few key elements which we will take into account in phase 4.
During phase n°4, we will write together by means of a text editor what could become the synopsis of a film.
In phase n°5, you will be required to give your impressions about this session in an open field poll.

In addition, you may fill in anytime a spreadsheet in Linguistic resources to help other participants to understand your language and/or ask for linguistic support.

Bonne session à tous !