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The MIRIADI Plan (2012-2015), « Cooperation and Innovation for an Online Intercomprehension Network » is a European project which gathered 19 partners with a financial assistance from the executive Agency “Education, Audiovisual and Culture” (EACEA), and also with an increasing number of associated partners that were 18 at the end of the project in November 2015. Its aim was to contribute to the innovation of the teaching and learning process of languages by promoting trainings of intercomprehension in interaction on internet.

In order to do so, the MIRIADI plan, which started on December 1st 2012, has mainly realized in three years: a network, an online resource centre, and an online working platform.

The MIRIADI partnership has benefited from the experience of various plans and the use of numerous platforms, as much regarding the use of computer technology as the structure of online trainings. It was about providing a new platform where the network’s members could prepare new online trainings and draw on the resources available on the MIRIADI portal. The specifics of the proposed international trainings combine both the functioning on-site and online, including the constitution of initial groups and moreover of multilingual reconfigured groups, with the same persons working then by affinity.

The MIRIADI plan speaks to all audiences: schools, universities, associations and professionals and it is related to all languages, even if at the beginning it was based on the Romance languages’ family and concerned only the higher education audience.

Through all the plan, the online shared work of the partners has established an experimentation of what the project offered to experience to the targeted audiences, and this work allowed to identify and to develop a skills reference data, foreseeable teaching scenarios for the training sessions, the inventory of activities, the sharing of resources and the clarification of the curriculum integration processes.

At the same time it got equipped with a structure that is able to work on a long-term basis beyond the plan period: the partnership APICAD.

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