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What is "Miriadi" ?

A portal

The Miriadi portal came from the Miriadi plan (2012-2015). It will gradually offer at the widest audiences possible the chance to learn various languages, thanks to distance learning adapted to educational projects of the teachers and the user’s organizations of the portal. The obligations of those courses are limited to the experience of the intercomprehension and to the working groups’ networks, reconfigured in training courses.

For the online intercomprehension

The intercomprehension is a simple experience that entails to express yourself in your own language with other people of other languages and this people do likewise, to lead a dialogue that requires a training period more or less longer, following the languages on-site and the linguistic repertoires of the participants. The training area on the portal offers this experience for the carrying out of publications and others collective works.

Besides the experience of the intercomprehension there is a horizontal learning (between the participants) where each person learns first within a local group, then within a multilingual group that gathers on a common project. The chosen educational scenarios are the result of a negotiation between all the educational heads of all the local groups.

A network

A network of people and various entities such as universities, schools, associations, firms allows the meeting and the notion of online trainings projects, most often hybrids (face-to-face and online). This network is the Miriadi network that has an appropriated area for interactions between its members.

In order to manage the network, insure the website maintenance, and the promotion of the activities, just as support the research in the field of the online intercomprehension, an association composed of volunteer members of the network, called APICAD (International Association For the Promotion of the Online Intercomprehension) was created.

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