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Membership of the organizations

Introduction to the APICAD

The APICAD (International Association for the Promotion of the Online Intercomprehension) is a non-profit association under the French law (law 1901) that manages a web portal and a network of teachers and researchers.

This association was created to insure the continuation of the accomplished works made by the European network Miriadi: maintenance of the web portal, network activity, structure of language trainings. The specificity of the multilingual trainings made by the APICAD is that they are online and in networking groups: different classes in other countries with other languages where people work all together in a given time and make collective publications. However each class is free to adjust the terms and conditions of the online training to its own aims and priorities and consequently it is responsible for it.

Why join the APICAD?

  • To support a teaching method adapted to the needs of this era in languages and in digital literacy;
  • To receive a teaching experience of the members’ network that has already more than 10 years and was developed on platforms such as Galanet and Galapro;
  • Because the trainings proposed generate excellent performances on languages learning and on the acquisition of the digital literacy;
  • Because the financial cost of these trainings could be quite low compared to traditional trainings whilst being effective as well;
  • To promote a democratic approach of multilingualism and intercultural exchanges;

Which organization could join the APICAD?

The association offers freely this training disposal at all the training bodies that want it.

These organizations could join the APICAD through the payment of a subscription of 50 €. Thus, they become a member of the APICAD’s life naming three people each to represent them. Also, these people will benefit freely from the participation of scientific events organized by the APICAD as well as the free registration to special trainings.