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What is a Miriadi session?

The word “session” is used to denote a variable training time but most of the time it is for 12 weeks at least. During these trainings courses, the participants are gathered in local teams and then in work teams where they exchange in intercomprehension, to develop together publications and reach learning goals.

The training area of the Miriadi portal

It contains:

A system that allows the tutors teams to create a digital area adapted to their teaching projects;

A basis of activities allowing the pooling of teaching resources as analyzed and listed activities;

Two skills reference data, one for the learners and the other one for the tutors which will clarify the teaching goals of the trainings sessions;

A glossary with the specific terms of theses trainings, translated into the languages used on the trainings;

All the sessions

Participate in a session

The link will be soon available here.


The link will be soon available here.