For the development of the intercomprehension between Romance languages speakers:

Identification number: 34951-CP-3-1997-1-FR-LINGUA-LD
Program and initiative LINGUA

From 12.10.95 to 05.31.99
Contact details: Louise Dabène, University Stendhal Grenoble 3

Galatea is the first European project that produced 7 CD-ROMS allowing the learning to read by languages combination: each CD is made so that a student of a Romance language could learn to read in another Romance language than one’s own. Among the partners of the MIRIADI plan, 6 of them were partners of Galatea.
The CD-ROM is an outdated technology but these resources stay exploitable in the learning processes and the researches leant that are still relevant.


Training platform to the intercomprehension of Romance Languages:

Identification number: 90235-CP-1-2001-1-FR-LINGUA-L2
Program or Initiative Socrates/LINGUA 2
From 10.01.01 to 11.31.04
Contact details: Christian Degache, University Stendhal Grenoble 3

Galanet is a project that continued the experience of Galatea, creating a platform for the online learning of the intercomprehension. Designed for an academic audience, the Galanet sessions – let us not forget that they are outlined according to a consistent and gradual action framework in four phases, completed by the realization of collaborative tasks – are today used at university and high school to train students and pupils to the intercomprehension (several partners of this consortium often participate to these sessions, such as P1 that offers a bi-annual course called “Intercomprehension in Romance languages”). However, the tasks of the Galanet sessions are not appropriated for a younger audience. Besides the Galanet’s platform do not offer possibilities of development of the oral training. These are the aspects, among others, that the MIRIADI plan wishes to develop leaning on the experience of Galanet.


Training for tutors to the intercomprehension in Romance Languages:

Identification number: 135470-PT-2007-KA2-KA2MP
Program or initiative LLP
From 12.01.08 to 04.03.10
Contact details: Helena Araújo e Sá, University of Aveiro

Galapro is a platform, developed during the Galapro plan between 2008 and 2010. This platform is the stand for the trainings to the IC by the IC and it speaks to each tutor who is led to use the IC in his/her work, for language teachers mainly but not exclusively. During these trainings, the trainees make material for the teaching, publish their works and, in four sessions already made, the partnership has an important corpus that deserve to be known and to be used. This corpus is left on the library on the Galapros’ platform that has a research function that allows finding quickly the required documents.

One of the missions of the new network will be precisely to make available this material under a free license.


European Network of Intercomprehension:

Identification number: 143339-2008-LLP-PT-KA2-KA2NW
Program or initative LLP – Key activity 2 Languages
From 12.01.08 to 11.30.11
Contact details: Filomena Capucho, Catholic Portuguese University – Regional Center das Beiras

Redinter is the first network of intercomprehension which each partner of the Galapro project has been simultaneously a part of this network from the end of 2008 to the end of 2011. The aim of this network is to unit each university involved offering IC’s training, to work together for the diffusion of the IC concept and to review the research in this field gathering each participant involved. It starts precisely with a group of universities being a part of this network that the idea to create a network was born for cooperation (of practices, skills and syllabi, etc.) and for innovation (creation of a polymorphic sessions’ factor, development of the didactics of the verbal IC, etc.) in the didactics of the online IC.