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Georges the incredible ear


George is a 25 years old farmer and his dream is to roam the world.

One night, he decides to leave with his tractor after seeing a magazine about Algeria.
Arrived in Spain he sells his tractor for a boat.

Once in Algeria, the war breaks out and he becomes a soldier.

When he comes out of a slice, he takes a piece of wood that cuts off his ear. He picks it up with a cloth.

He goes to the infirmary to get it back together and he falls head over heels in love with the nurse. Both decide to flee the war.
They both leave thanks to the boat and arrive on dry land where they sold the boat for a balloon.

They rise in the sky and finish the world tour of Monsieur Georges.


Création des élèves du lycée Re Mas Blanc de Bourg-Madame, Zoé et Shanon.