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Cross de border


The mayor of Latour de Carol calls Monique to the city council and asks her:

- "Can you go find me some meat in Puigcerdà for my tonight meal?"

- "Of course, Paul".

Monique goes home and gets ready to go get the meat.

She crosses the border without inconvenience. She arrives at the butcher's shop, and buys the meat.

She leaves the butcher's shop. When she arrives at customs, the customs officer asks her for the password. She answers: "Spain" (While the password is "España").

- "The password is bad, empty your pockets!". The meat is hidden in his coat.

- "We will make the meat butcher together" he said unhappy.

Monique goes home, settles in her couch and seeks a solution to recover the meat because she does not want to disappoint the mayor.

She starts, goes through Saneja and arrives at the store. She recovers the meat and takes the same path.

She arrives in the mayor's office happy to give him the meat. She goes home to get ready for the mayor's meal.

During the meal, the mayor proposed her marriage : « Will you marry me ? ».

Monique answered : « Yes, I will ».


Creation by the students of the Lycée Le Mas Blanc in Bourg-Madame, Océane, Nassim and Eugénie.