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Rose and Babe


Rose, an 11-year-old girl, lives on a farm with her parents.
In this farm there are many animals.
She likes to spend time with them, caressing them.
But Rose also goes to school where she learns sewing.
When she comes home from school, she helps her parents with the work on the farm.
One evening, she realizes that Babe is missing and asks her father:
"Dad, have you seen Babe?
- Who's that?
- Babe, my favourite pig.
- The pig you've been spending time with lately? It seems to me he's gone to join his friends.
- Where? Where?
- In another house a few miles from here.
- Why did he leave like that without saying goodbye to me?
- He must have had his reasons.
- I hope he's fine where he is."
Even in the evening, after she finished eating, she started looking out the window and thinking about Babe and his new life.


Lycée Le Mas Blanc de Bourg-Madame : creation of the students Gonçalo, Bonny and Hugo.